Hail & Storm Damage Phoenix


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For quick, reliable repairs after hail damage, Phoenix residents are finding out that Arizona First Response is the best choice. If your home has been affected by hail or by devastating monsoon storms, give us a call for immediate attention that will make repairs as painless as possible.




Phoenix Hail Damage

Phoenix homes that have suffered roof damage by hail face many expensive problems in the future unless the damage is addressed quickly. Due to the nature of hail, it can be tricky to document damage, so an immediate inspection is critical. Insurance companies require very specific information on the extent of the damage, often even looking for a minimum number of hail strikes on a roof before authorizing repairs. Obviously, the more time that elapses before inspection, the more chance exists that new weather events will obscure the damage and make it difficult to prove. Arizona First Response offers a 24-hour phone number with a guaranteed response within an hour to make sure your Phoenix hail damage is inspected and documented quickly.


Cleaning Up After the Monsoon

Phoenix is affected every year by monsoon rains that leave residents struggling with the results of flooding and increased humidity. Every homeowner dreads the possibility of mold and mildew, and the longer these remain undetected, the more devastating their damage becomes. Arizona First Response provides dependable, immediate attention to mold damage. After flooding recedes, basements and ground-floor rooms must be treated quickly to remove moisture and wood damage left by the monsoon. Phoenix homes repaired by First Response show complete restoration from water damage, as shown by the testimonials on our website.


First Response Works With Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies work closely with repair companies to get your home safe and clean after hail or storm damage.  Arizona First Response has a solid working relationship with most Phoenix insurance companies, plus an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. During an inspection, hail or storm damage is documented carefully with attention given to the specific information that insurance companies need in order to file a claim. With repairs done by First Response, there’s no need to worry about a disconnect between the restoration company and your insurance company that could cost you money. Even if you are not insured against moisture damage, don’t hesitate to call; customized payment plans are available for uninsured customers. Whatever the situation, for storm or hail damage repair, Phoenix homeowners are learning that Arizona First Response is a lifesaver!