Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos Arizona, Asbestos Phoenix, Asbestos Remediation in Phoenix, Asbestos Remediation in Arizona

Asbestos Arizona, Asbestos Phoenix, Asbestos Remediation in Phoenix, Asbestos Remediation in Arizona







Learning that your home has been built with hazardous materials can be frightening – especially if that material is asbestos. Phoenix’s premier water and fire/smoke damage removal and repair company, Arizona First Response , can also safely remove and dispose of dangerous asbestos.



Asbestos Science Class 101

Asbestos is a mineral fibrous material derived from hydrous silicates of magnesium, iron, or calcium. It is a material that has been used in building and construction products and material for years. Asbestos has been used in the material makeup of heat duct and pipe insulation, ceiling and roofing tiles, stucco, drywall, plasterboard, as well as insulation for plumbing and furnaces. When asbestos is disturbed by crumbling or flaking, it creates a fibrous dust that must not be breathed. These tiny, invisible fibers are considered to be a carcinogen to the lungs, and in many cases have led to an outbreak of a rare cancer known as Mesothelioma. You can’t listen to the radio for any length of time without some advertisement for a law firm desiring to represent those afflicted with this dread disease.


What Materials Contain Asbestos and Why is it Used?

Asbestos is practically nonflammable and a poor heat conductor which makes it a good flame retardant. This is why, in years past, it was seen as a valuable material for insulating pipes, as well as for flame resistant fire fighter safety clothing. Some of the many materials that asbestos has been used in include:

roofing materials, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, linoleum flooring, window and door caulking, and fireproofing for both industrial buildings and residential housing. If you are concerned that there may asbestos in your building materials, here is a good rule of thumb: If a material is wood, glass, or metal, chances are the material contains asbestos. Phoenix residents should use the utmost caution in ensuring a certified asbestos abatement contractor safely removes any and all asbestos materials.


What Steps Do I Take If I Suspect Asbestos Materials in my Home?

First of all, unless the suspected asbestos material is flaking or crumbling—leave it alone. If you find crumbling or flaking material you suspect is asbestos, Phoenix’s division of the EPA can direct you where to get the material tested. Do not remove the sample yourself! Contact a certified asbestos removal specialist or contra to correctly remove the sample and send to a lab for further testing.


Asbestos Removal: Phoenix

Arizona First Response is the foremost water and fire/smoke damage removal and repair company, that minimizes further damage, cleans up the mess, and repairs your home. We have twenty years of knowledge and experience, striving for excellence in all of our customer accounts— from individual homeowners to large corporations. We carry an unrivaled customer satisfaction guarantee..